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Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, ‚ÄčM.S.Ed., CCTP

Mental Health Mentor  *   Transformation Coach   

 Action Based Therapist *  Mental Health Consultant

Who is Tanya Sherise Odums?

I am a vital force and my purpose is to create opportunities for 

self-cultivation, healing, and transformation that impact the world.  

I am a humanitarian by nature and profession.   As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I help people turn their trauma into triumph by teaching them how to manage their minds and depressive symptoms by supporting them in taking full responsibility for their lives in overcoming the challenges they face.  I am also a Restorative Justice Practitioner whose passion lies in working with children, adolescents and human service organizations; aiding in cultivating high functioning productive staff and healthy organizational cultures.  I have extensive experience in designing therapeutic social programs that address the social-emotional and mental health needs of vulnerable populations. I am also skilled in creating and facilitating dynamic personal and professional development training and seminars that support others in growing and expanding personally and professionally.

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What is Her Mission?

Tanya is the CEO and Founder of 

KhepeRa Counseling and Consulting.  

My mission is multifaceted: 

  1. I help women turn their trauma into triumph. I motivate and teach them how to take responsibility for their lives, reclaim their joy, master their minds, and manage depression so they can craft the life they want and deserve. 
  2. I consult with human service organizations and schools on program development and expansion to help them enhance the quality of services provided to build and sustain healthy communities by building strong, supportive social connections.  
  3. I facilitate skill-building professional development training and provide coaching to assist organizations and schools with the implementation of restorative practices to support the improvement of organizational culture and climate for the purpose of enhancing student and staff work ethic and performance and client satisfaction.

What Does KhepeRa Mean?

Why did you choose this for your company?

KhepeRa is a Khemetic word that means transformation, renewal, rebirth, new beginning. Everyone can make the decision to transform/rebirth themselves and reset their lives if they just take the next right action and do the work! I am committed to supporting others in taking the next right action to transform their lives and improve the quality of human services provided by the organizations I consult with who serve the community.

Personal & Professional Values

These are values that I make every effort to uphold as I move through life. They are the barometer by which I judge myself and my actions. They help me maintain balance and integrity in the work that I do. As an imperfect human being striving to become the best version of myself I sometimes fall short. When I do I reflect on how I am showing up in the world and am able to recalibrate when I realize I am not standing firmly in these values.

Ready for Transformation?

I am here to support your personal and professional growth.

Step Into Your Greatness!

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