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Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, M.S.Ed., CCTP

Mental Health Mentor  *   Transformation Coach   

 Action Based Therapist *  Mental Health Consultant

Venus Knight, M.S.Ed.

Educational Consultant

Venus is the Co-Founder of HYPE: Helping Young People Excel, Inc. and the Educational Consultant for KhepRa Counseling & Consulting. She has over 20 years experience working in the field of early childhood education. Venus has a Master’s Degree in early childhood education and a BA in Social Science. She is an educator who has worked with the NYC Department of Education as a special education teacher. She is a universal Pre-K Teacher, for special needs children at Down State Medical Center Early Childhood Education Program. Venus has worked with various day care centers to develop quality head start and after school programs. Venus is an aspiring writer who uses her innate writing talents and love for education to develop tutoring programs for youth. She has also worked with mental health professionals to design and facilitate creative writing healing workshops for traumatized youth in residential treatment centers. Currently she is employed full time as the Educational Director for the Salvation Army Brownsville Day Care Center in Brooklyn.

Tanya S. Odums, LCSW-R, M.S.Ed.

Mental Health Therapist &

Behavioral Health Consultant

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Jan Dolle, M.S.Ed.

Restorative Educator and Academic Consultant

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Jan Dolle is a retired Master Teacher who has been engaged in holistic youth development since 1995 and has over 20 years of direct teaching experience. She is a Former Professor of Education at Nyack college and the former Coordinator of Youth Development at Here’s Life Inner City where she managed a national network of after school programs helping them to expand and develop training for teachers and tutors across the country. She has earned a Master’s in Science from Pace University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Cincinnati. Jan is currently certified in New York State as a secondary science teacher and has taught Living Environment, Algebra, basic literacy and GED math courses for a variety public and private institutions across NYC. Although she is experienced in organizational development, fundraising and youth entrepreneurship, her passion lies in working 1 on 1 with Students with Disabilities and immigrate populations because it is a luxury these vulnerable populations rarely receive. Jane is also a trained Restorative Educator who infuses restorative practices into her daily pedagogy to build healthy classroom cultures. She employs her skills and expertise in developing culturally relevant curriculums that infuses creative teaching techniques to keep students engaged and connected to the educational experience. As a retired veteran teacher who is skilled in remote learning her primary academic interest lies in tutoring students in the juvenile justice system and in foster care/ group home settings in basic math, Algebra and geometry Regents prep, science courses, and literacy skills focusing on phonics, reading comprehension and writing.