khepera Counseling

Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, M.S.Ed., CCTP

Mental Health Mentor  *   Transformation Coach   

 Action Based Therapist *  Mental Health Consultant

Mental Health & Wellness Programs

Master Your Mind 


January 2022

Mastering Your Mind is a 6 week Mental Health & Wellness Program that offers courses, therapeutic coaching and support groups to people seeking to overcome trauma and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. This program empowers participants to take control of their emotional wellbeing and find balance through teaching them how to practice radical self-care in order to live a peaceful, joy-filled, productive life.

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Serenity Cypher

The Serenity Cypher is a 90-minute reflective meditation session that meets once a month. This meditation experience is designed to help participants learn to Relax, BE STILL and Breath Again! All sessions begin with grounding exercises, affirmations, and reflective journaling; and end with setting intentions for the month. Each session is focused on a specific theme inspired by group feedback and participants' needs.

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P.H.A.T.  Fitness

Psychologically Healthy Agile & Toned

P.H.A.T. Fitness Weight Management Program is mental health approach to releasing physical, spiritual, mental and emotional weight.  It’s not just bout releasing weight it’s about creating balance through gaining tools, gaining support and increasing motivation.

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