khepera Counseling

Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, M.S.Ed., CCTP

Mental Health Mentor  *   Transformation Coach   

 Action Based Therapist *  Mental Health Consultant

Restorative Practices Work

  • Former School Social Worker and Director of Wellness and Preventive at a public high school in Brooklyn, New York. Reduced suspension rate and over all incidences by 50% in 2012.
  • Experienced RJ Coordinator and RJ Practitioner appointed to implement the RJ pilot program in a NYC public high school in Brooklyn.
  • One of the founding members and District Level Coordinators hired by the NYC DOE, Office of Safety and Youth Development Justice League to support the expansion and implementation of Restorative Practices city wide.
  • Developed RJ Training Curriculum and Facilitated Citywide Professional development in Restorative Practices for District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers, Guidance & Counseling staff, Paraprofessionals, Support Staff and School Safety Staff.
  • Created an RJ implementation self-assessment rubric for NYC schools
  • Created Restorative Handbook for NYC Public Schools
  • Developed and facilitated RJ Training for 800 NYPD School Safety Officers in Brooklyn South Command
  • Created Summer school RJ Curriculum for students who were not promoted to help them take responsibility and set success goals
  • Designed and developed several RP Trainings
                  -  A Crash Course in Circles: RJ Reboot Training & Coaching Series
                -  Intro to RJ Training
                -  Restorative Discipline Training
                -  Restorative Leadership and Action Planning Training
  • Designed and Co-facilitated Restorative Community Building Retreats
  • Experienced in designing and facilitating community building circles, healing/grief circles, problem solving circles, repair the harm circles, wellness/self-care circles, listening circles, celebratory circles and circles of support.
  • Developed RP Circles for My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper D18 Initiative
  • Facilitated city-wide SEL Support circle /PD series for NYC DOE in response to COVID-19
  • Facilitated Tier I: Community Building Circles Training