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Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, M.S.Ed., CCTP

Mental Health Mentor  *   Transformation Coach   

 Action Based Therapist *  Mental Health Consultant

Summary of  Teaching Experience

Higher Education 

  • Touro College, New York City Campuses - Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Human Services and Human Sexuality.
  • City University of New York, NYC College of Technology - Adjunct Professor of Human Services
  • Adjunct Professor, Supervisor in Field Instruction (Since 2000)

    - Columbia University School of Social Work

    - New York University School of Social Work

    - Hunter College School of Social Work

    - Fordum University School of Social Work

    - Adelphi University School of Social Work

  • New York University Silver School of Social Work, Adjunct Lecturer, Advanced Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice Program. 

High School Teaching Experience

Health Class

Taught a traditional high school health class for seniors.

Symposium on Issues Affecting Urban Youth 

Taught  credit bearing Health  and Wellness Courses to high school students in Brooklyn. Courses were designed to  raise awareness of social problems, provide students with an opportunity to explore issue in their communities and personal experiences that  have had a profound impact on their lives. This course was also designed to teach SEL skills related to self-awareness and emotion management. and raise awareness about mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  This interactive class allowed students to act as social scientist; researching social programs and developing prevention and intervention strategies to share with their peers through the creation of a public service announcement project. 

Courses Descriptions: 

  • Self-Expression:  This creative expressive class designed to build community allows students to tell their stories through Photography.  
  • Violence Prevention Course:  Courses created for gang involved youth designed around the book "The War of the Bloods in my Veins:  A street solder's redemption"  by Dashaun "Jawi" Morris focused on the SEL skill of decision making. 
  • Grief & Loss:  This course was designed for students who had experienced the death of a loved one or an ambiguous loss through abandonment, adoption/foster care placement and/ substance abuse. Students learned about depression and the stages of grief and healthy ways of coping with grief and loss. 

Support Groups emerged from the courses at the end of each semester so students could continue to work on their social-emotional wellbeing. 

  • Kids MAC (Making a Change) - Support group for truant, low performing and disruptive students who were at high risk of drop out.
  • Always and Forever Support Groups - Support group for students who were living with grief and loss issues
  • Sisterhood:  Support group for females constantly in conflict with each other where they learned how to be in community peacefully through participating in weekly community building activities designed to help them get connected through finding common ground and exploring concepts related to sisterhood and self-awareness. 

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